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1993 Ratchets

For hand driven sockets, square drive 1/2"
C 12.5 DIN 3120.ISO 1174. With spring loaded locking ball. Gedore-Vanadium 31 CrV 3, Mat. No. 1.2208. All 1993 U-10 ratchets have a ratchet that locks in the "off" position. When lever is in the left or right position it is held there automatically.

1993 U-10 Reversible ratchet with lever change.
1993 U-10 T Reversible ratchet with recessed lever change.
1993 U-10 L Extra long reversible ratchet with lever change.
1993 ALU-10 Lightweight aluminium ratchet, made from special aluminium. The mechanism as in the U-10 is made from high quality steel. Featherweight only
350 g.

1993 U-2 Reversible ratchet with disc change. Fine toothed and strong.
1993 U-3 Reversible ratchet with dial change. Super fine toothing.
1993 GU-3 Flexible head ratchet head swivels through 180°. Super fine toothing will work at torque up to 300 Nm.
1993 Z-94 Ratchet handle with coupler fine toothed and strong. Coupler pushes through ratchet to change direction.
No. Description L
1993-U-2 Reversible ratchet handle with disc change 270 27 540
1993-U-2 Reversible ratchet handle with fine toothing 270 23 450
1993-U-10 Reversible ratchet handle with lever change 270 25 600
1993-U-10-L Reversible ratchet, extra long, lever change 350 25 685
1993-U-10-T Reversible ratchet handle with recessed lever change 270 25 580
1993-ALU-10 Aluminium lightweight ratchet handle 270 25 350
1993-GU-3 Swivel head ratchet extra fine toothing 282 20 320
1993-Z-94 Reversible ratchet handle with coupler 270 21,5 440
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